Stop Google collecting data

As we have seen in my previous posts, Google collects a lot of data. The big question is, is that good or bad?
A good thing is that Google does not sell your data. The only reason they collect your data is to present personalized ads to you.
What is bad, Google stores all your data somewhere. And you have no control over it. If your government wants access to that information it is very difficult for Google to stop that.
Can you do something to stop Google collecting data?
Yes. And a good place to start is to turn off personalized ads.

Let us see how to do this.

Stop personalized ads

Go to Google and login to your account.
Once logged in, go to your account, and select “Manage your Google Account”.

stop google collecting data, manage your account

Your Google account opens.
Select “Data and Privacy” from the left pane.

google account, data and privacy

In the Data and privacy page, scroll down to Personalized ads.
Click My advertising center.

personalized ads

When this option is set to On, go to the top right of your screen and select personalized ads. Click the blue box.

personalized ads on


My page is translated, and I think that “At” may not be the right translation. When I look at the Google sites, it says “On”. Well, I can not change this, so I leave it as is.

This will bring you to the Preferences page.
Click To expand in the right bottom corner.

stop Google collecting data, preferences


My page is translated, and I think that “To expand” may not be the right translation. When I look at the Google sites, it says “To expand” or “To turn on” or “To turn off”. Well, I leave it as is.

This will turn the Personalized ads off. Click OK in the right bottom corner. The result is as follows.

personalized ads of

Great, that is the first step to take. This should stop Google collecting data. But no, it is just a good start.
Now, you should restart your browser for this to take effect.
Unfortunately, Google does not stop collecting your data. Changing this setting means that you will not see personalized ads anymore.
Let us see what else we have to do.

Stop Google collecting data

To stop Google collecting data you have to do the following.
Go back to your Google account, select “Data and privacy” in the left pane,and select “Do a privacy check”.

privacy check

We have already seen this page in my previous post. Scroll a little down and click the second arrow.

check your web and app activity settings

The activity page opens, scroll down and click “To expand”.

web and app activity


I think that “To expand” may be wrong. The Google sites say “To expand” or “To turn on” or “To turn off”. Well, I leave it as is.

Once you clicked To expand, you have two options.
“To expand” (1 step) and “Turn off and delete activity” (3 steps).
I select “Turn off and delete activity”, the second choice.

stop Google collecting data, turn of and delete activity

Click “turn off and delete activity”. The message “Web and app activity is turned off” is displayed.

web activity is turned off

That is a clear message.
This is the moment where Google stops collecting your “Web and app activity”.
Now, you have of course some months of history, this can be deleted in the next part of this choice.
At the bottom we select “Next one”.

step one

Now you get a menu with activities you want to delete.
As you see, in my case 15 products are selected to be deleted.
If you want to keep some activities, simply deselect them.

choose activity to delete

Once you decided what to delete, you can select “Next one” in the right bottom corner.

step two

Now there is only one thing to do, that is to tell Google that it can remove your history.
The top of the next page tells you that you have to confirm your action.

stop google collecting data, confirm what you want to delete

The bottom of the page gives you the option to delete your stored activity.

step three

In the final screen you can see that the data is removed.

uninstall complete

Click OK to continue.

You now see that the collection of data is set to off.

web and app activity out


I can, in a way, understand that Google does not have one button to delete your history and turn off data collection. This is how they make money. They follow you, collect as much data as they can, and sell this knowledge. But, as you know now, it can be done.
You have deleted your history, that was a good start. And, even better, you also made sure that Google does not collect your data anymore.

As a final note I recommend you to look around on the Data & Privacy page. In the beginning it can look a bit overwhelming. But, when you scroll your way through it you will recognize screens from this blog. My advise is, minimize what Google stores about you. When you opted out of everything and deleted your history, you should be fine. But, we never know if Google does not anyway collect data, and just not show it to you.

This is the end of my post on stop Google collecting data.

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